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Old 20th June 2005, 08:29 PM
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Default US gig and Orange County - BT?

I was watching a show on TV last night its about gangs of the world hosted by Ross Kemp, last night he was in Orange County trying to find out about white power gangs out there.
Dam I was so shocked to see how big it is still especially in orange County with 2 mian gangs
PEN1 (public enemy no.1) and the NLR (nazi low riders). I am talking real scum of the earth here with racist views that summed up to be "we dont like them" I mean wow what a fkn bunch of morrons but never the less very highly motivated and well armed morrons that do not care 1 bit about using their weapons in public.
So I was wondering if a US tour does get under way would you and the lads be avoiding Orange County?
Coz I know one thing I would faer for you lads saftey doing a gig in such a place. I mean these fools get away with recriutng from schools coz the police are to affraid to approach them.
Shocked me to the sore it did that program gorwn men with childish views on the world carrying guns wit a total disregard for life.

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