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Old 21st February 2014, 05:04 PM
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I've had the benefit of meeting just one member of the band - Norman - during the 'Promises and Lies' tour U.S. tour during the '93/'94 period. He was kind, gracious and friendly. I've never met Ali Campbell, but I do recall back in the late '80s when 'Maybe Tomorrow' was released, I was chatting with a friend, who was a huge reggae fan at the time, about the band and their music. He was a fan of UB40 also, but I do remember him emphatically stating at the time that the former lead singer, to quote him,"Is not a not a nice guy! He's not a nice guy!" He then went on to tell me why he wasn't "a nice guy", and frankly, I can't remember exactly what my friend's explanation was....We're talking about a conversation that happened over 25 years ago. But I remember his statement well...we happened to be blasting the 12-inch version of the tune(Maybe Tomorrow/Anything Me Chat) on the record player when he made his statements.
When Ali Campbell left the band and started to rant and rave about his former bandmates, started trashing them in interviews and to completely misbehave, honestly, I wasn't entirely shocked. Again, I don't remember what my friend's explanation was about what the former lead singer had done and how he came to his conclusions. I considered my friend credible at that time. His comments about the former lead singer had stuck with me over the years...
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Old 21st February 2014, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by mrClaypole View Post
I only ever met Aldi once, it was 20 odd years ago when I was drinking underage in Billys Bar in Digbeth, he was holding court in the back bar with a couple of people, he was very obliviously (no mistake) off his head. Me and my mates were abit scared to approach him as he looked like he was going too kick off but we said hello and left him to it and got on the not so late bus home so that we could pretend to our respective parents we hadnt been anywhere we shouldnt have been.
Ive since met the rest of the band and found you all very approachable and very down to earth, there isnt any barriers and certainly no diva behaviour displayed. It refershing to see that from people who have had so much fame and adulation over the years.
One thing I always loved about the group is the fact you are all so down to earth and not "starry", I remember reading an interview from you lot in Q mag many moons ago (I think it was during the Promises and lies tour) where you said that the first time you went to the USA and walked through central park at night no muggers or low lives tried to mug or do anything worse to you. The interviewer asked why, one of you replied "because we look like low lives and muggers ourselves", that always made me swell with Brummy pride.

Aldi has totally lost all perspective with the drinking and drugs. Ive had several drinking problems in the past where I would be out 24/7 and Ive damaged some friendships and upset alot of people whilst doing it, I was never a monster (im not an aggressive drunk) but I became unreliable and my lies to cover up the fact I was boozing so much engulfed me, I couldnt remember from one day to the next what or who I had spoken too.

It got so bad that a very good friend of mine wouldnt return my phonecalls and refused to have anything to do with me for 2 years, I met him quite by accident one day when I was soberish and he gave me a damn good talking too, told me about the hurt I was causing people, about the train wreck I was becoming and he said that you need to turn things around.
So I did, it was a gradual process having to start again with the people I knew, but 10 or so years later I think im in a healthier place with myself and with the friends and family I alienated. Im not saying time is going to heal this one, but I understand from Aldis perspective hes probably told so many lies and spun so much shite that he cant see a way back and keeps heaping lie on lie, trouble is, he probably believes it as the truth as he hasnt had a good friend to sit down and tell him that he is on course to oblivion.

That's a great testimony, man. I'm glad you were able to straighten up your life and put it back on the right track. I hope Ali seeks help and does the same...though if he's got a lot of "yes men" around him telling him how awesome he is, he isn't very likely to see the truth. It's sad...but true.

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Old 22nd February 2014, 05:25 AM
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Agree with everything JB says. I actually remember, I was with Joris and Normie at UB40's Hotel in Holland years ago. We were all having drinks/beers with the boys just "shooting the shit" as they say, when a certain someone came to get Aldi to go upstairs to his room so he would not get out of hand.YES he had a "minder" of sorts. That reminds me Jimmy, it's when you cut your hair! LOL! you said to me i just stuck my head out the window (of your car) and it was gone! Something like that, too drunk and happy to remember. Good times they were. Hope to see you boys this Summer in Canada and US. Saving my sick days at work
"Canada Posse"
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Old 22nd February 2014, 07:22 AM
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Just read through the 10 pages of this thread, and it's so sad. People, friends or family, can be so treacherous. How well can you ever know anyone?

When someone shows their true colours, all you can say is "feck em" and move on. I've had to do that in the past with people I had mistaken trust in.

I hope the main players, and that's what they are, of UB40 stay together and continue doin' the stuff that they're brilliant at.

Long may it continue guys,

I wish you all the best.


(That's not a very Croatian name, I know).
"Extinguish your potatoes and put on your dancing flares we are shortly to land in Zagreb"

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Old 22nd February 2014, 08:53 AM
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Sounds to me that ub40 had 28 years of hell keeping check of the school bully
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