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Default Computer Problems

I don't know what the problem with my computer is.....but every day, the first time I get on the net.....when I come to this website, my screen goes blank, and then a blue screen pops up that says "Fatal Error, Press Enter to End Task, Press any key to continue, or Press Control + Alt + Delete to shutdown". It only happens the first time I come to this website each day.
Anyone know what's wrong?
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Default Re: Computer Problems

sorry gdawg cant help could be your server is overloading though.

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Default Re: Computer Problems

Gdawg, this is commonly known as the infamous 'Blue Screen of Death'. I may be able to help you if you could supply me with the following:
Operating system you use, ISP, and spec if poss.

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Default Re: Computer Problems

gdawg if it is the Blue Screen of death there should be a STOP error code in the following format 0x0yyyyyyyy y=any alphanumeric number if u note down these then i may be able to search 4 u but i would need to know the operating system. i.e windows 98/nt/2000/me

Otherwise try scandisk and defrag the hdd

If still getting probs then i suggest try re-installing the ISP s/w and/or Web browser S/W.

If all this fails then probably the best solution would be to Format HDD and start with a clean version of S/W. (ONLY IF EVERYTHING ELSE FAILS)

Good luck.
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