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Default Sheffield Music in The Gardens

Now that I am beginning to calm down and return from that space where I am so over excited and happy I lose the ability to think straight, and Iím returning to boring normality, I thought Iíd share a bit more detail on Music in The Gardens Ė Sheffield, Botanical Gardens with you, just to add to the short over excited post I put on FB on the way home (trying to type on my phone whilst hubby was driving!).

I get as excited about meeting other UBloonies, as I do seeing UB40! (Well, nearly Ė sorry ladies!) Especially if weíve made friends on UB40.global or FB. Always a joy to meet you face to face. Meeting Julie Brew, her Mom Rose, and Aunt from Liverpool, and Linda Cook from Scotland this time, was great! We had such blast didnít we girls! And I will be catching up with them again at Rhyl gig too! And so nice of Sarah Foster to say Hi, there were others, sorry I didnít catch your names, or say Hi to you all. Too many! Gosh some of you really put in some miles travelling to see UB40. I try, but a lot of you put me to shame!
Whilst in the queue we got rained on a couple of times, but dried out quite quick, as it was really warm in the sun between the showers. We were given free ponchos for the rain by the lady behind the gate. Iíd been under mine, clutching my BTA hoodie, desperately trying to keep it dry and struggling to hold everything else I had for quite a few minutes, before I realised there were arm holes too!! Durrrrr, see what I mean about losing the ability to think straight in all the excitement!
So the Botanical Gardens were a little wet and a bit muddy in places, so once the gate was opened, tickets torn in half, we legged it to get at the front, like mad women, trying not to slip and end up with muddy bums. Once you reach that barrier and the stage is there before you, and youíre about to experience your next UB40 fix, the feeling is just PURE EUPHORIA!! I exaggerate not! (55 going on 18, ha ha). We felt a bit silly and had a good laugh about it. We were forgetting that instead of 1000ís of hard core UB40 fans, we were sharing this event with locals who were kitted out with deck chairs, tables, full pic nic baskets, the kitchen sink, everything! Youíve never seen the like! (How anyone can think about eating, when youíve got UB40 on the stage in front of you????? Itís beyond me). So we grabbed the barrier, turned round expecting others to be joining us in the usual manner, to be greeted with a big gap, and they all the pic niccers, laying out their tables and chairs! We need not have risked life and limb running through the slippy muddy bits ha ha! So funny. You had to be there!! However, have to say, by the time UB40 came on stage, I think most had done eating and were ready on their feet to dance! (now thatís more like it).
The support band were excellent. Steel City Rhythm. I hadnít heard of them before, and really enjoyed what they did! Their energy and sound were quite infectious! Iím certainly going to look out for those guys again. Dead jealous of the lady in the band with her tenor saxophone, they were really good! I donít know if UB40 choose the support acts themselves, but itís been a joy to experience Alex Gold Dubbs, Steel Pulse, and now these Steel City Rhythm too, thanks a lot guys!
Doesnít the time drag when you are waiting for our boys to get on the stage? Tic toc, tic, toc. We caught glimpses of a few lovely VIPís, Matt was there, Alex, sure I saw GM too? Then the moment UB40 are on, time flies and its ďI canít help falling in loveĒ waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooo soooooooon !
Us loonies at the front were in our usual excited worked up state, by the time that awesome familiar UB40 intro music started. Not helped by the fact we could see Jimmy, Robin and some of the others on the side lines before it was their turn to came onto stage! BUT we DID manage, just, to contain ourselves, and not jump up on the stage and drag them into position impatiently, wanting the show to start, though the urge was there, believe me. We did get a wave or two which was cool! Love the way they arrive one by one, or one or two, tantalizing us, as if we werenít already so very desperate for their Reggae magic to begin!!!

Hit after hit, they spoiled us rotten and did us proud as they always do. It wasnít the full set list we get to enjoy at other times, it was bit shorter, and even then, they were told to hurry up apparently!! (????? Why would you want it to end)? Rob and I WERE going to stay the night, but we picked a hotel that had live music on until 4.a.m. in the morning! After second thoughts, Rob decided we would give it a miss and we drive straight home. But I guess its different rules for outside. We were told UB40 had to be off stage by 10pm 

So I did miss Heíll Have to Go and Love Is All Is Alright, and Midnight Rider, but NOT to be greedy or take anything away from the boys because the songs they did do were epic. Duncanís dancing just gets better and better, Norman was on fire with his dancing too, and Robin had a go too! Robin and Duncan can just sing to me FOREVER! ÖÖPLEASE! Our 3 Windy/Brass guys, totally blew us away. Early B was even more WICKED than normal. As were the whole band, all 9 guys, so talented, so totally awesome. They owned the stage, gave us the time of our lives. Its not just the music, itís the smiles and waves, the interaction with us Ė and the bottles of water (thanks BRIAN!) but not the one you chucked over the audience and said it was raining!! LOL xx We loved every minute. Love that Jimmy comes out front, coz you can hear him but not always see him! Wish I could go to every UB40 gig, because I am truly at my happiest when watching and listening to them and would never tire of them. But with such a large band of talented musicians, you donít know what part of stage to look at first, so afraid of missing something. Favourite song by far of the evening was Food for Thought, for me, but of course loved the others, Boom Shakalaka, Sing our Own Song, Cherry O Baby, WICKED, I sooooo love Iíll be your baby tonight. Love Oh America and Baby, Donít break my Heart, just loved the whole set. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.
Did I say Iíd calmed down? I think Iíve lied. Every time I see UB40 Iím left thinking, WOW! When can I do it again!!!
It is over far too soon, and canít thank the band, crew everyone involved, enough.
I would like to send love and thanks to Luci and Martin for your messages. So sorry we didnít respond straight away (cotton wool brains from over excitement again!) We were afraid that going back stage without official back stage invite, was taking advantage of the kind hospitality you guys always show, and that hesitation, coupled with the Staff in yellow jackets ushering us all out towards the exits of the Gardens meant we didnít get to meet the guys after to say THANK YOU in person. Iím black and blue from kicking myself. I just hope they know how much we love um, and how happy they make us. Whilst UB40 are on stage, your troubles fade into the back ground, and you get lost in the Reggae music!! And its HEAVEN. THANK YOU.

"Share your light make a flower grow in the desert sand" Robin Campbell, UB40
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Oh Lyn, you have saved me the bother of trying to describe it; I am still laughing at 1000 picnickers wondering why were standing there! I love how everyone becomes friends straight away and that we are all equally silly!

We knew beforehand it was going to be a mass appeal set list but nothing wrong with that at all - I think Food for Thought is sounding better than ever, great that Maybe Tomorrow has reappeared and Easy Snappin just drives me wild! (something about them all together at the front of the stage, a male bonding type hit!!)

One of the things that makes me emotional is seeing the casual attenders joining in with exuberance and that was there in abundance on Saturday.

My brain was so addled that I took a wrong turning out of an underpass and ended up back in the city centre, no harm done, got cab from station still wearing my happy face...
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Old 4th July 2016, 09:15 PM
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Lyn!!! What a beautiful story, you really had a most beautiful time!!! Thank you for taking the time to write it down. You made me happy with your story!! It feels like I was there myself. Beautiful!!!
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Old 9th July 2016, 02:48 AM
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Great read!! Thanks for taking the time to write it, really helps with the withdrawals!! ❤️��
Just you reach for the phone
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Totally got us into the mood ...that was lovely ...just the thought of you stampeding the picnicers ...and in a nosey fashion loved knowing what's on the setlist . .glad to see my favourites still there ...think present arms is a stunner as it was not played for so long ..still watch the ones on YOU tube to get a wee flutter ...sounds spectacular Lynn ..thanks fr writing ...fingers crossed we get to see,a few live �� hugs to all x x
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Old 31st July 2016, 12:40 AM
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That sums it all up Lynn, every concert I have been to feels exactly like that. From girl to woman, the appeal never wanes.
Tomorrow, bright and early, I am going, on my own, to make the journey from home to South Shields to see our boys. It's the very first time I have ever done this, and I am really nervous, but I figure if our lads are willing to get out there, then I can do it too. Like you, I will be right at the front, waving and blowing kisses .
Good luck lads, whatever you do, wherever you go, we will be there xx
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