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Default Welcome Home!!

Woo hoo UB40 are on their way home! Welcome back guys!
Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

Thoroughly enjoyed following the tour via photos and vids on Facebook and the like. Thanks to everyone who cared and shared!

Although I've been a fan since 1980, these last two years have been particularly memorable for me! 12 gigs, a signed set list, meeting the guys and having photos with them! Best two years of my life ! It's been fabulous THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! Most of all thank you for the music that has kept me going, kept me happy, all this time, and still is! UB40: you're the best band ever! You guys rock!

"Share your light make a flower grow in the desert sand" Robin Campbell, UB40
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wonder if we will ever have such a 2 years again?! I feel uplifted and energised thinking about it and can spend many a dull train journey putting all the gigs in order of preference! Long may they continue, 13 sleeps to the final one for now....
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