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raggamuffin2008 25th February 2014 03:08 PM

question about some catalogue numbers for norman
Hey i have a question about the catalogue numbers depdd1 and depdd1x
what's the differents to place the x at the end???

there is also dubtv3x i know the tracklisting is a little different but with depdd1 and depdd1x isn't

can you explain

gr edwin

ubnormie 25th February 2014 04:10 PM

Hello edwin,

That's if the release is released in another country they often use an extra number on the cd.

The labour of love I & II box is re-released in 1994 in the netherlands with DEPDDX1 instate of DEPDD1. Same tracklisting

In 2000 the release of the very best of in the UK DUBTVX1 and in the rest of europe DUBTV1

even the best of volume one cd, has in england UBTV C1 in the other countries UBTV1 without the C??

So it's a recordcompany thing

Hope this helps you out

Greetings and respect Norman

raggamuffin2008 25th February 2014 04:19 PM

Ok Norman, Thanks..
Strange thing but ok it's the recordcompagny choice about that
How is it going with the new cataogue???

Loved your discography inside the usb stick
and the dubsessions limited cd release
Great work.

Gr edwin

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