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lynnie4ub40 1st June 2018 07:00 AM

Royal Albert Hall London
The RAH is gonna be over run with UBLoonies.
I hope the guys can cope with us all ! :D:D:D:mrgreen:

Gonna be epic.
New songs!
Cant wait!
Soon come.

Big love xxxxxx

NEPCHOON ROSE 2nd June 2018 02:08 PM

I know most pubs and bars are going to be doing good business that day:mrgreen:

swanie 25th June 2018 08:04 PM

Tonight is your night at the RAH. I hope you are having an amazing time there!!!! Enjoy it to the max.

Dawnubloonie 25th June 2018 08:18 PM

Hope everyone has a fantastic gig. Kioko sounds fantastic so a great support act. Can't wait to see all the Facebook stories tomorrow.

lynnie4ub40 27th June 2018 10:07 PM

Im hopeless with words! This wont do the boys justice probably, but here goes....
Ive just had the absolute best time of my life. It started with being fortunate to get a free ticket off Jacki Eaglestone for Bristol gig, encouraged by Val Breakwell who kindly said i could travel with her Deb Fitzpatrick and Bev Major. So the four of us travelled to Bristol together and shared a hotel room meant for two, lol! Very cosy. We had such a laugh. Anyway we queued in very hot sunshine by the harbour to see UB40, catching up with Marg and Theresa. Also Linda who had travelled from Scotland and Lesley from Southampton. Were treated to Alex Gold Dubs who was as brilliant as ever playing great tunes and getting us singing and waving . When he first came out onto the stage to prepare dj equipment (wearing a very colourful shirt and lookin handsome as he does) the crowd hadnt realised and hadnt yet responded, so i yelled out, nice shirt Alex! But then Ubloonies next to me, who shall remain nameless, shouted, Nice body Alex! He gave us all a big grin. Sorry Alex, lol! He soon had the audience in full swing charged and ready. We then got our first taste of KIOKO, birmingham reggae band. ( we hadnt heard of them before) WOW. Very talented musicians. They looked like they were having a ball and loving it. It was infectious we instantly loved them. Their music was wicked. And they are full of energy. Jumping around the stage. Fun to watch, great to listen to. Their tunes very catchy, soon had us all joining in. More of Alex then on came UB40. Set list was similar, if not same as when i last saw them. Thats not a complaint. Loved every track and had a brilliant time dancing and singing along. Robin said one song was especially for Linda, as she was jumping with delight at its introduction. This just made her whole evening. It was a warm wonderful night with great people and the best music. We were spoilt and had the brilliant night.
We were not allowed back stage, but we were all agreed, so long as we we are there to hear the show thats the main thing, we were happy. Indeed 4 very happy tired loonies slept well in that room for two, I can tell ya.
Home for Sunday, then Monday back on the train in Redditch. Val and Bev joined me at Barnt Green. All change at Birmingham New Street, for the train to Euston. Bevs John met us there. We were all in the same hotel and when we got there we saw other loonies too. Julie Brew and mom Rose amongst them (even tho' Julie has baby ubloonie due early July !) Nothing keeps us from seeing UB40 if we can help it, eh! Fair play to ya Juls x
Got taxi to Royal Albert Hall and were thrilled to bits to arrive just in time to see the band get off tour bus. Quick hellos and a few photos. Said hi to our lovely Luci too. We followed them to the entrance. Of course we were early, and as time went by, as we queued more and more ubloonies arrived. It was just brill. Hugs. Selfies. Laughter. Just loads of happy excited friends united in their love of UB40. Norman and Earl came out for a smoke right by us! We were in heaven! Id not seen RAH before. What a beautiful magnificent building. Perfect for this very special anniversary gig. It was rammed. Full. The atmosphere electric! Delighted to be at the barrier. We were closer to the stage than at Bristol. Bonus! I have never seen so many loonies all in one go! Alex came on. We loved him. As the stage Was being prepared for KIOKO we saw 3 of them talking on the stage. VAL ,Bev and i called out, KIOKO!!!! They looked over and gave us a wave. Think they were quite chuffed ! (They get the audience calling out KIOKO for one of their songs so we were just warming up for them. lol!) I think when they came out to perform to a really big cheer and a full RAH it must have been quite an experience for a young band. It didnt phase them. They were excellent and we enjoyed them as much, if not more, than we had at Bristol.
By the time UB40 xxx ame out we were SOOOOOO ready and needing our boys doing there thing. A few regular favourites. Rapturous applause. I dare say most of us emotional, full of pride and love for these gorgeous talented guys and their music. Listening to Robin who tells us a story and introduces Paul young
Who joins UB40 for a number. Hope im not giving too much away but its already bedn on FB. Then what we had all been longing for.... two new tracks from the new album. Awesome. Plus special guest performing with them. The Gravy Train was one. Both numbers brilliant.Normie singing on the second. You are gonna love them!. I want the new album even more now! Absolutely loved them.
I sincerely hope UB40 felt the love. we tried to cheer and sing and clap louder then we had ever before.
It was a brilliant show. Fabulous set list. Always emotional at the best of times when the last track nearly over. You dont want it to be over. But this time, just so full of love and pride, realising how momentous the occasion and just what our guys have achieved. It was very special indeed. At the end the guys, all 9, came to the front. I filled up. Just wanted to hug and thank them all. It was absolutely fabulous! All over far too soon. When they were gone from the stage there was a moment we just stood kind of over whelmed . Val turned and said to me you alright? i said yeah you? And we both hugged and had tears in our eyes! Lol! Then everyone were chatting and taking photos and we were all just so high , spirits flying with what wed just enjoyed. Oh bloody hell, UB40, love you guys , you re just the best!
It took ages but eventually people started to leave. Still quite a few of us hung around outside and our patience rewarded , were able to see nearly all the band leave. Some of us lucky enough to get a hug or photo. I loved that i met Robin and Luci and got a photo with them both. Also got to hug Earl!! And sit with Jamie T and have photo.
It was just the most amazing time. Enjoyed with great friends. I feel so lucky, happy and greatful i could be there to share it. Thank you so much Robin, Duncan, Jimmy, Norman, Brian, Earl, Martin, Laurence and Tony xxxx Love ya forever xxxx

Dawnubloonie 27th June 2018 10:17 PM

Oh lynnie you've made me cry but happy tears because it dibs so amazing. Here's to Brum xx

dread rock 28th June 2018 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by Dawnubloonie (Post 1660590)
Oh lynnie you've made me cry but happy tears because it dibs so amazing. Here's to Brum xx

Me too

Linda C 28th June 2018 05:56 PM

Lyn, I love your style of describing the joy, made me well up towards the end. Put this on FB for the wider audience it deserves!

One thing I feel bad about is that I had 2 beds to myself!!

swanie 30th June 2018 06:54 PM

I love your review. Thank you so much for sharing.

nephertiti 5th July 2018 09:15 PM

Lynnie this is lovely ...brings it all back ...enjoying that ...you have gentle way of telling a story ...gorgeous X X

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