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davidroest 17th November 2019 07:43 PM

Higher Ground
On youtube a longer version of Higher Ground circulates.
What i wanna know for years now if this is a genuine version.
It sounds like one, normally the song fades after the last chorus but instead of fading Astro comes in with a bit of toasting followed by a long instrumental bit.
Is this real and on which format was this available? Maybe a test pressing or a promo cassette. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.

ubnormie 4th December 2019 11:18 AM

higher ground
hello david,

Yeah the version did get an official release in France. There is a sampler promo cd from promises and lies (very rare) with this version on it and a longer version of Now and Then. The version of Higher ground is also released on a virgin various artist promo cd

hope this will answer your question

greeting Ubnormie

Chronic 4th December 2019 10:55 PM

Hi Ubnormie

Has there been any news on any other deluxe versions being released? Did you get any feedback on how well PA and LOL Deluxe versions sold

Best regards Chronic

ubnormie 5th December 2019 10:00 AM

hello chronic
I did made the complete serie till Promises and Lies for UNIVERSAL, but don't know if they or when they gonna release something... there are some real special releases on the albums. Expecialy the only once broadcasted BBC sessions. Some nice live gigs also. Maybe they didn't sell enough of LOL and PA... i don't know... i did try to contact my person at universal but so far no reaction.... recordcompanies are going for the quick money i think

greetings and respect

here the UB44 Deluxe edition mentioned to them

Disc 1 – UB44
1. So Here I Am 2. I Won’t Close My Eyes 3. Forget The Cost 4. Love Is All Is Alright 5. The Piper Calls The Tune 6. The Key 7. Don’t Do The Crime 8. Folitician 9. The Prisoner

Disc 2 – Singles + Sessions
1. I Won’t Close My Eyes (12” Version) 2. Folitician (12”version) 3. Love Is All Is Alright (12” Version) 4. One-A-Penny 5. So Here I Am (12” Version) 6. Silent Witness (Live) 7. Dr. X. (Live)
BBC Radio 1 Session (09.01.82) 8. Folitician 9. I Won’t Close My Eyes 10. Love Is All Is Alright 11. Prince Baldhead Meets Gymslip And The School Girls At The Chemist
BBC Radio 1 Session (08.07.82) 12. So Here I Am 13. Forget The Cost 14. The Prisoner 15. Don’t Do The Crime

Disc 3 – BBC Live Sessions
BBC Radio 1 In Concert (23.09.82) 1. So here I Am 2. Love Is All Is Alright 3. The Piper Calls The Tune 4. The Prisoner 5. The Key 6. Don’t Do the Crime 7. I Won’t Close My Eyes 8. Folitician 9. Forget The Cost 10. Roots & Culture (with Mickey Dread) 11. Food For Thought

Chronic 5th December 2019 02:27 PM

Thanks ubnormie

That's a great track listing for UB44 especially the BBC live sessions. If this was left to Universal I would imagine that they would have incorporated "UB40 Live" as a disc.

I would be interested to see the other track listings for the other potential deluxe versions that you have suggested.

Best regards


davidroest 11th December 2019 10:34 PM

Thanks UBNormie. Is there a possibility to get these 2 extended versions?

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