This Is How It Is

Album - Twentyfourseven

Released - 2008-06-01

This is how it is
This is how it goes
You come into this world alone and travel down its roads
You try to do the best you can
But there’s no guarantees
So one day you’ll be flying high
The next down on your knees


I guess were on our own. I know that’s nothing new
Today is just a stepping stone, along the avenue                     
Tomorrow I’ll be coming home, my final rendezvous
I’ll run toward the great unknown and drink the morning dew

This is what its like
And how it is to choose
Where you stop along the way and fix your worn out shoes
How to recognize the good
Avoiding all the mess
Forget the things you thought you knew
You may as well have guessed

This is how it goes
This is how it feels
When all the world is falling down and dragging at your heels
This is what they say
If you should ask them why
The world is in a backwards spin
You’re born, you live, you die