Rainbow Nation

Album - Twentyfourseven

Released - 2008-06-01

In our youthful condemnation
The truth speaks for itself
That in a time of darkness
Someone cried for help
So we told a simple story
Of innocence and lies
How the truth became so twisted
In a single judges eyes

Our brave new rainbow nation
 Was floating on the tide
 In a sea of expectation
 And a hard won sense of pride
 But the wave of solidarity
 That swept across our land
 Was broken on the rocks
 Left lifeless on the sand

It all seemed very simple
Let the guilty take the blame
We can sing our song of freedom
And put them all to shame
Shine a light into the darkness
And let them hear his name
But the more we tried to change things
The more they stayed the same

And no-one else but Tyler
Knows exactly what he’s missed
He’s a man that’s disappearing
Slowly ceasing to exist
And the only contribution
That he has left to give
Is the simple tragic story
Of the life he’s never lived