Oh America! [Extended version]

Album - Twentyfourseven

Released - 2008-06-01

 They say the military help you be a better man
But still they don't really care about the veteran
And yea i did a couple years in the navy
Floating in the ocean, eating rice and the gravy
I would've never went, if i could have went to college
But they we're like no money, no knowledge
We give a lot of bread to these lame institutions
But most of them teaching us lies and not solutions
See how they rearrange the black mans contribution
And now they got the nerve to go and change the constitution
The birds cant fly, the sky is full of pollution
Earths temperature rising like the crime rate in Houston
Police are corrupt, nobody's nobody is watching the borders
We never hear the truth about the war from reporters
In the ghetto we pray alot as life gets shorter
Man, my heart is in the hood, is this the new world order?

America, certified home of the brave
We got freedom of speech but just watch what you say
In America, certified land of the free
And you can’t believe everything you see on t.v.
Be hoping for a change in time, you want to vote, stand in line
Different races, many faces, unifying every time
See Clinton or Obama man, could help relieve the drama
We're grinding and finding answers, while they're searching for Osama
See soldiers dying and mothers crying, this war will never cease
Media lying, America, they never wanted peace
Bush is a beast, he snatching oil from the middle east
Let the rich get a piece, we barely make it in the streets
Overworked, and under paid, waiting on government aid
Fast food, bad grades, rush me to an early grave
We about solutions like equal funding for these institutions
Knowledge never fails and college keeping us out of jail.

From left to the right from the front to the back
Them never see we coming, AD UB40 see this one is a journey
Through the minds with lines for life
This one take them further
Ah hon, me say America, America
Can you stop for a sec, just a sec please
Can you just look this way
We no like how its going down please can you slow it down
Please can someone explain how the building them was tall then the building dem ah fall
And the people dem ah dying for no reason
Just give me a reason.