Gotta Tell Someone

Album - Who You Fighting For

Released - 2005-06-01


I gotta tell someone, can anyone hear me   
The girl of my dreams just told me that she loves me              
She whispered and I was consumed so completely
Lost in the love that I feel whenever she’s near me.

Verse 1

She’s got me wishing for something that’s missing
Staring at stars getting high on her kissing
Now I got my girl my girl got me
We’re making plans for a family


Verse 2

Together we’ll stay come what may
Nothing come between us or get in our way
This is for real, the really big deal
At last we’ve found someone who knows how we feel.


Verse 3

She took me out walking I should not be talking
Whispered in my ear but I’m telling you nothing,
If I were you; you know what I’d do
Get one of your own so you can whisper too….