Dance Until The Morning Light

Album - Twentyfourseven

Released - 2008-06-01

 Wake up in the morning bump this in your stereo
In your car or blaze it in your disco
People look confused what is this yo
Hip hop a little bit of reggae in it
This one is for those who like the old school
Try to hate on us, you new school fool
Let’s take it back to basics use the old tools
Check this out now, let me tell you how to do it

Let your body work, yeah
Can you feel it jerk, yeah
This ones gonna make you move til’ your body hurts, yeah
We’re gonna dance until the morning light, right, right, right

Twist shake rattle and roll and keep it jiggy jiggy
All my girls dip low and keep it flicky flicky
Now let it loose just let it go and act silly
Mr dj can you turn it up a little
Get up off the wall and stop your posing
Screwface just standing looking frozen
Hurry buster move the club is closing
Hit the dance floor, let me tell you how to do it

Break it down
This one is making you silly, it makes you jump around
Hey break it down
Better get on your feet, I don’t want you sitting down
Hey break it down
Let’s stop the whining start the grinding let’s just gather round
Hey break it down
Cause good music always come back around

Ask your grandmother and grandfather about this
How they were twisting and shaking when they first heard this
Forty years later now it’s back on the playlist
We recycled it and now they’re back in business
We put it back in the pot and yes we’re stirring it up

We add some sugar and the spice and now we’re making it hot
And now we’re running your city and yes we’re running your block
And when we’re talkin no we never gonna stop